My Favorite Reversible One Piece

April 12, 2017


Gone are the days when our moms and grandmas were the only ones wearing one pieces at the pool. They’ve made a HUGE comeback and, while I won’t lie and say I was a fan at first, I can now say I’m totally converted!

I love the ease and functionality of a one piece suit, especially as a mom of two small kids. I mean who has time to be pulling on a swim suit, making sure everything stays in place and that nothing “falls out” if you know what I mean; on top of making sure your tiny humans don’t drown?! Not me!

Not to mention wearing a one piece allows you to stay covered up and appropriate, but there are so many options out there now that you can still look cute and on trend!

So that brings me to this Capittana suit I found at Hemline Rice Village here in Houston. I’m not even going to save the best part for last, it’s reversible!! Which means you get two suits for the price of one and that I’m a TOTAL fan of!

Capittana is a small brand out of Peru, which is so great because number one- you’re supporting real entrepreneurs and number two- the chances that you’ll show up with the same suit on as your friend are pretty slim!

The lines on this suit, the Guadalupe, are super flattering and and I absolutely love the metallic blue color on the back. The paisley is gorgeous too and gives you a totally different look. To be honest, it’s a little “cheeky” for my taste if you will, but if you size up I don’t think it would be an issue! I love the deep V and open back as well because I do still want to leave with a little bit of a tan, even if I’m in a one piece!


You can find the suit here or at the Capittana trunk show at the Hemline in Rice Village or River Oaks until the 30th!

Happy swimming!