Hi y’all!

I’m Margaret- a hometown Louisiana girl currently living in Houston, TX! I’ve learned through my 28 years that there are certain things in this world that spark my passion. Discovering the world, a well tailored outfit, working my butt off to break a sweat, and my awesome family to name a few! I’m a wife and mother of two and a true adventurer at heart. I firmly believe in living life to the absolute fullest, seeing and learning new things every day, all while looking and feeling great doing it. And so began “The Baker Method”!

A Little About Me

I grew up in the small town of Mandeville, LA, right outside of New Orleans. As the oldest of 3 girls, I’m well familiar with having clothes strewn all over my closet, sharing shoes, and wanting to be the first to wear that cute new top even though technically my sister was the one to buy it… but sharing is caring, right?! So I guess you could say that’s where my love of style began and it hasn’t stopped since!

I attended Louisiana State University (obligatory Geaux Tigers!) where I graduated with a marketing degree. But more importantly it’s where I met my husband, recently turned blog photog ;), Allen. We both knew pretty instantly that there was something special about the other. Allen taught the perfectionist, OCD, planner side of me how to let loose, go with the flow, and to embrace the spontaneous and goofy side of life. Needless to say I decided to keep him, like forever.

So fast forward a couple years and we became parents! Beau, who’s almost 5, and Stella, 2, keep me on my toes every day for SURE. We love birthday parties, Cinco de Mayo parties, rainy day parties… basically any kind of party we can find an excuse to have. You’ll see them from time to time on the blog!

Passion for Travel

My parents were divorced growing up so there wasn’t a lot of extra travel going on in our house. I was fortunate enough to travel abroad with some family friends as their babysitter and it forever changed me. I seriously crave exploring the world and getting out of town like others crave chocolate cake, but thankfully an airplane ticket has a lot less calories. It just has to happen! Little Fact: I’m TERRIFIED of flying, and scared of a lot of the things I sign up to do while on vacation now that I think about it, but my sense of adventure and need to break my daily routine every once in a while outweighs all of that ten fold.

Traveling for me is where life happens. Where you discover who you are, realize that this world is a lot bigger than yourself, become humbled again and find a new respect for things you weren’t familiar with before. I’m beyond thankful that I get to travel as much as I do and I want to help my readers experience the places I go just as if they were there themselves. Maybe even inspiring you to book a trip of your own!

Fitness as a lifestyle

Someone once told me, “You look pretty good for being a mom” and that was all it took. I didn’t want to look pretty good for being a mom. I wanted to look pretty good because I took care of myself and put in the hard work, mom or not. I’m by no means a health and wellness expert, but I value and respect my body, am still shocked almost daily at the things it’s capable of, and believe in taking care of myself first when it’s necessary. I’m always trying to emphasize to moms and other friends how important it is not to lose yourself in the process of life and becoming parents- because it’s so easy to do! Exercise and being active is my secret to that.

I want to inspire you to find yourself again if you lost her (or him!) along the way somewhere and give you a couple tips and tricks that I’ve found useful on my fitness journey so far! And that’s what it is, a journey, so come with me!


That’s it in a nutshell! If you’re still reading, bravo! I hope I sparked your interest in some way and I would love for you to stick around! Follow me here and across social media and try to keep up as I do me, the Baker way!